Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I made this blog because I'm getting so tired of One Million Moms trying to get stuff taken off the shelves or off tv networks because they think it's vulgar or inappropriate.

In case you don't know, One Million Moms is a group of "A network of Christian moms and grandmothers taking a stand for our children who are being exploited by the entertainment industry."

Now, I don't know about you, but the statement "children being exploited by the entertainment industry" brings to mind shows like Toddlers and Tiaras and other such shows.  No.  What they mean is children whose minds might be corrupted if they see something that might be found obscene, vulgar or inappropriate on tv, a commercial mailing, an ad at the mall or a product name.

In some of their members' words, "How will the children ever learn morals?"  

How about this:  Turn off the tv, genius.  

*I will be addressing each topic OMM's has attacked the last month or so.*


  1. since one million moms is a "ministry" of the american family association, it is most likely covered by the AFA's 501(c)(3) status as a charitable organization. perhaps it is worth the perusal of the guidelines defined by the IRS in their 'living document' outline of standards for a 501(c)(3) religious charity tax exempt status. if the organization is found to have broken the standards, they could lose their tax exempt status as well as be forced to pay taxes on donations. the guidlines state:

    ■ no substantial part of its activity may be attempting
    to influence legislation,
    ■ the organization may not intervene in political
    campaigns, and
    ■ the organization’s purposes and activities may not
    be illegal or violate fundamental public policy.

    just a thought.

  2. Monica I agree with you OMM's is out of control and they don't seem to understand the concept of unconditional love, which Christ taught. BTW Christ never said ONE single word about homosexuality, that was written by John I believe. I believe since the Bible was written in a totally different social time, it's hard for me to believe everything written there. For example it wasn't acceptable to eat animals with split hooves, but that law was abolished when Christ rose from the dead. But there Christians who claim we are breaking God's law by eating pork, venison and other meats that are forbidden in their minds. In addition, I have a hard time believing that Christ would want us to condemn someone for being gay or even more so transgendered. I am a nurse and a scientist at heart and while I believe in divine creation, I also believe in science (to some degree, because not all things can be explained). So my question is always how can a transgendered person, who was made by God, ignore that they are both male and female since they were born that way? So if a person can be born both male and female, how can we rule out the possibility that someone can be born bisexual or homosexual? I simply refuse to condemn someone in this situation, because I do NOT believe it's a choice. I also believe many teens go through periods of questioning their sexuality and as parents, it's our job to guide our children through that time. If we refuse to allow them to explore how they feel, how do we lead them in the right direction. If you insist a child must repress those feelings, then you create a situation where they are bound and determined to explore those feelings simply because they have been told they can't! Thanks for giving parents a choice of who they want to support and for letting OMM's know that their judgments will not be tolerated by God. (Oh and one last thought - the Bible was inspired by God, not written by him. How do we know it's exactly as he wants it to be and not influenced by human beings? It's also been translated so many times in so many languages, that I am not certain the Bible says what it was designed to say in the first place.) I choose to pray and ask God to show me the way!